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A mega set of models and props for lot makers. 

This file will also be required as a dependency for future uploads. 

Files will deploy to \SimCity4\Plugins\BSC\BSCProps.


Approx 20+ modern sculptures suitable for plazas and corporate lots;
Fountains (including water spouts);
Multiple traditional animal sculptures suitable for parks;
Multiple classical Sculptures (Greek and Asian);
Garden Urn and Urn planter;

Fences & Hedges:
Timber Victorian picket fences (Diagonal and 8m ortho);
Decorative japanese style timber fences (Diagonal and 8m ortho);
High Brick Fences and gates (Diagonal and ortho);
Barrier similar to those used along highways;
Concrete barrier;
Decorative Grille fence (Diagonal and ortho); 
Decorative Circular modular Fence;
Hedge pieces designed to expand on, and blend with existing Maxis hedge (Diagonal and 8m ortho and fence + gate); 
Red and white stone wall pieces designed to expand on, and blend with existing Maxis stone walls (Diagonal and 8m ortho). 

Multiple Victorian street lamps (ortho and diagonal);
Modern Street Lights (ortho and diagonal);
Modern decorative street lamps (ortho and diagonal);
Offset strings of coloured lights suitable for overhanging streets (ortho and diagonal);
Police Sign.

Underground driveway entrance;
Garden footbridge;
Shaded underground driveway entrance (shaded on one side to simulate a large building shadow);
Decorative underground parking garage entrance;
Subway entrance;
Curved and Circular planters complete with flowers and evergreen trees.

Trees and Plants:
Shaded ivy - suitable for placing along a blank wall in the lot editor;
Acacia - (Cootamundra wattle);
Artemisia - (Wormwood);
Bauhinia - (Hong Kong Orchid tree);
Callistemon Viminalis - (Bottlebrush);
Camellia Sasanqua - (Camellia Hedgerow);
Casurinas - (She-oak species);
Cedrus Deodara - (Snow covered Himalayan Cedar);
Copromosa Repens - (Looking Glass Plant);
Cordyline Australis - (New Zealand Cabbage Tree);
Cornus Capitata - (Evergreen Dogwood in cream and pink);
Corymbia Ficifolia - (Orange Telopea) Cotoneaster;
Cupressocyparis Leylandii - (Leightons Green Hedgerow);
Curpessus Torulosa - (Multiple Bhutan Cypresses - including hedgerow);
Eucalyptus Globulus - (Southern Blue gum);
Alnus Juriensis - (Evergreen Alder);
Washingtonia - (Fan palm);
Ficus Microcarpa - (Hill's Figs);
Picea Pungens - (Colorado Blue Spruce);
Pittosporum species;
Plantanus Acerifolia - (London Plane);
Ficus - (pleached Fig);
Plumbago Auriculata - (leadwort);
Quercus Ilex - (Holm Oak);
Linum species - (New Zealand Red Flax);
Juniper - (Shrub juniper);
Spirea - (meadowsweet species);
Tristania species - (Brisbane Box).

SG compatible Canal pieces:
Diagonal Upper and Diagonal Lower pieces; diagonal to orthogonal transfer pieces.

16 Wall to Wall Buildings;
Apartment Block;
Police Building;
Fire Station;
Post Office;
School Buildings;

An important note regarding some of these props. Some of the prop meshes contained within this prop pack were initially downloaded from various free shareware sites such as turbo-squid and archidom. They have, however, all been modified and altered by me to get them into game.Full credit goes to their creators.

The canal pieces were created by simgoober and full credit goes to him for releasing his model.
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