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PEG Forest Add-On 1
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This is an MTP update to the previous Forest Pack 1. It has been upgraded to use the MTP blended forest floor texture on the textured version of each lot. Additionally, the Loggers lot has been converted to be the initial step/lot in the upcoming LOgging Industry reward chain. This Forest Add-On pack includes several lots to add visual variety & realism to your woodlands. All lots include both textured and transparent ground versions and can be used with any woods/forest styles. All lots act as small parks and are conveniently grouped together in your Parks menu above the Random Woods lots. The Meadow lots, with both 1x1 and 2x2 sized versions, can be very useful to stagger the edges of your tree lines and add those open areas and clearings that are common in real world woodlands. The Logger lots add a visual sense of function and purpose to your woodlands and will serve as part of the reward chain for several Logging Industry lots. The Hot Springs (rated PG-13 for Brief Nudity) adds a soothing and restful secret spot for your Sims to shed their everyday troubles... as well as their clothing. The Hunting Lodges (Yes, plural. There are three in a random prop family), utilize a modeling technique that allows the building to adapt more realistically to sloped terrain. The cabin's foundation and stairways will adjust to the slope of the lot without the use of a separate foundation model or relying on the game's forced lot leveling or big, ugly concrete blocks under the structure. The Hunting Lodges use lanterns for night lighting and do not require power... so you can plop them way out in the boonies. You will also see gentle wisps of smoke rising from their chimneys. All PEG Mountain Theme Pack lots are PEG PCG tested & Tree-Hugger approved. Each lot has properties similar to a small green park with slightly improved air pollution qualities. These lots are also 'Slope Conforming' so you can place them almost anywhere. ** UPGRADING THE ADD-ONS ** The new Forest Add-On files will be installed in the Mountain Theme Pack Folder. You must remove the old version Forest Pack 1 folder and files. Existing lots in your cities will semi-update automatically but you will still need to re-plop them at your earliest convenience. ** These lots require the installation of the PEG Mountain Theme Pack. **
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