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Faster than a speeding Llama... ( a really old one... with gout )...
More Powerful than my breath after a Tequila and burrito binge......
Able to leap tall brown gift boxes in a single install.
"LOOK !! Up on the PLEX !!  Its a Mod !! Its a Lot !!   Its... its..."
"Oh forget it.   Its just a dependency."

You asked for it!  And now you got it!   The all-inclusive... the all encapsulating... one size fits all...  MTP SUPER PACK  !!  
* Tights & Cape sold separately.  Tights void where prohibited.  Do not wear capes near jet aircraft engines.    Installation of the SUPER PACK may not enable you to fly.

The  MTP SUPER PACK combines all the standard MTP dependencies into a single download... and also includes a substantial amount of new material that will be used in future development. This file will be the primary MTP dependency listed on all future MTP lots.

Please Note:  This dependency contains no material that alters the appearance of game default props or textures...  and  will not  interfere in any way with playing a non-MTP or rural themed city.

The  MTP SUPER PACK combines both MTP props and textures into a single download. However, it will install props and textures as separate files to make any future updates easier and  faster.

MTP SUPER PACK[/b] replaces the following previous MTP dependencies... which can now be removed from your Plugins folder:
PEG Mountain Theme Pack  ( PEG_MTP_RESOURCE_vol1.dat   &  PEG_MTP_TEXTURES_vol1.dat )
PEG-MTP Texture Pack Volume 2 ( PEG-MTP_TEXTURES_vol2.dat )
PEG-MTP Resource Pack 2 [beta]  ( PEG-MTP_RESOURCE2_b102.dat )
PEG Pine Tree Mod [ resource file only ]  ( PEG-MTP_GM-TreeMod_RESOURCE )
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