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SPAM Chicken Ranch
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SPAM - Chicken Ranch

The SPAM Chicken Ranch is re-lotted from the original...

"...a tranquil poultry farm for your rural and agricultural regions. The classic Victorian style ranch house graces the lot which abounds with plenty of aggie charm in a down-home country setting"

Yeah Right... if you believe that old load of tripe.... !

... this new version continues to provide the same high standard of 'service' and rustic charm as the original.

Menu - Landmark
Plop cost - 1000
Bulldoze - 10
Pollution - 0|0|1|0
Monthly Income - 200
(Stats, remain the same as the Original PEG - Chicken Ranch)

SPAM Super Resource Pack
*If you already have the full core SPAM mod this pack is not required.

PEG - Chicken Ranch

PEG - Chicken Ranch No Music Patch

Unzip to: Documents/Simcity/Plugins/PEGPROD/Chicken Ranch/SPAM Chicken Ranch

Delete the SPAM Chicken Ranch folder and its contents.

Simpeg - SPAM Discussion Forum

Lotting - abcvs (Screw Pile Developments)
SPAM Core Mod, props and textures - Pegasus (Pegprod)
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