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The disadvantage to the default ugly brown packages, besides being brown... and ugly... is that it covers up the entire friggin' lot. This prevents you from being able to see which item on the lot is causing the problem... and often from even being able to see which lot has the issue.

Technically, this mod simply overrides those brown package models (there are of 5 in total, all different sizes) and forces the game to display the default multi-color smudge it normally displays when it can't find a model's graphic files. The mod is a minimal 36k in size so there is almost no game resource usage. And although the Multi-Color Smudges are small, they are still quite easy to see... which makes spotting a problem almost as easy as noticing a big, honking, brown ugly box in the middle of downtown.

*This file was originally released on the STEX as "PEG NO MORE BROWN BOXES" in 2006. The original file came with an .exe installer that sometimes cause difficulties for some newer security software. This 'new' file is simply a copy of the "old" but now packaged with just a regular zip file.
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