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JS Dirt Paths 1
[ Download from this server (1.50 Mb) ] 06.11.2011, 12:18 PM
You can have both his original and this version installed together. This version is not a replacement. It's an addition.
IMO, this better reflects the farm dirt roads (paths) found in the United States. These are found
running off paved roads surrounding farms and generally lead to crop fields, barns, chicken coops,
and livestock pasture feeding spots.

My hat goes off to ChrisAdams3997 for his great job creating the alpha files necessary to create
the overlay textures used on these lots. I also tip my hat to PEG for his dirt street texture which is
(IMO) still the best dirt street/road texture created for SC4.

Water Bug:  (Paraphrased from ChisAdam3397’s Gravel Paths readme)

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the dirt paths cause an equally unfortunate rupture in the SC4 space/time continuum (Minkowski Space) that we've come to call, quite affectionately, the Water Bug.  The result is the apparent 'disappearance' of any and all texture, allowing a view through the planet to the other side of the universe. This will occur whenever you save the game or enter the water menu. It may happen at other times as well but the simple solution is the same.

1. Select the "zone” data view button.
2. Select the "all off” data view button.

Now all is right in the cosmos again. Easy.

How to use:

All lots are in your Park Menu.
There are 20 lots of sizes 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, and 1x3. There is 1 .dat file which contains the overlay textures.

The 1x3 provides an eye-candy connection from the dirt path to PEG’s dirt road (street).
I recommend using SAM (street addon mod) V3 which provides the PEG dirt streets both
orthogonally and diagonally.
Place the 1x3 lot where you want the dirt street be and connect to it (dragging) once to each end
of the 1x3 lot. Basically, you can’t drag the street through the lot even though it’s transit enabled.
The lot is fully functional once connected and your little sims (including automata) can use it.
It allows for pedestrians, cars, buses, and freight trucks…. just like any other street.

The remaining lots are only eye-candy and are pretty self-explanatory. A little practice to determine
which pieces connect seamlessly to which pieces is all it takes.


Bulldoze, Plop, and Budget Cost are each 1 simolean.
Park Effect: 5 with an effective range of 10 tiles.
Power and Water are each 0.
Air and Water Pollution are -10 each with an effective range of 10.

Unzip the contents of the zip file to your plugins directory. I recommend you create a subdirectory
in your plugins folder (like "JS Dirt Paths”) and extract the files to there.

To Uninstall:

Simply delete the installed files.

If you have any problems, PM me.

Have fun.

Jay Stimson
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